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Xint School of Design presents to you a unique opportunity to be trained in the art of Interior Designing & Interior Architecture. The School of Design based in Kannur, Kerala specifically aims to train students and professionals with the most advanced and in-depth education in these fields. We focus on reinforcing the students’ creative and analytical capabilities to help them to create better and most comprehensive interior environments.

A student-focused faculty, who love teaching and a specialized curriculum, ensure a personalized education for each student of Xint School of Design. The sole mission of Xint is to be an exclusive producer of efficient interior design graduates, who can be the most successful designers in the country.

Xint School of Design functions under the aegis of Mariya Group, renowned as one of the most creative Architectural Design Firms in South India & UAE.

The courses are designed with a practical & systematic approach for you to become an acclaimed Designer. Our dedication to providing the highest quality training programs associating with the Bharat Sevak Samaj Vocational Education Programme has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which is ensured to generate incomparable results.

Our Mission

To prepare aspiring designers and working professionals to be leaders in the field by providing focused and immersive design education drawing upon expert faculty, innovative approaches, and close industry relationships.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in design education, impacting the profession through innovative curriculum and strategic collaborations, with graduates placed in positions of influence around the world.

Our aims & objectives are

  • To stimulate the curiosity and creativity of the students
  • Endeavour to keep the students abreast with the latest trends in the industry
  • To impart truly practical education and training with maximum industry focus in Interior Design
  • To challenge our students to constantly better their own achievements
  • To give maximum support in terms of infrastructure, placement and career guidance



Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) established in 1952 is a national development agency, promoted by Planning Commission, Govt. of India. Founder President of BSS was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and Founder Chairman was Shri. Gulzarilal Nanda. Over the past three decades BSS stands committed to promote Vocational Education in India.

The objectives of the Samaj are

  • To find and develop avenues of voluntary service for the citizens of India:
    a)    To promote national sufficiency and to build up the economic strength of the country.
    b)    To promote national sufficiency and to build up the community and to mitigate the privations and hardships of less favoured sections.
  • To draw out the available unused time, energy and other resources of the people and direct them into fields of social and economic activity.
  • To take all steps which are necessary for the fulfilment of the aforesaid objectives.

The main objective of the BSS Vocational Education Programme is to ensure educational opportunities for developing vocational skills and know how they are provided to learners enabling them to become entrepreneurs rather than job seekers, by transforming unskilled to skilled. Vocational courses are generally offered through accredited Vocational Training Centres (VTC) and Community Colleges.

The courses and curriculum are designed at the national level by the BSS Academic Council and is imparted through VTCs/Community Colleges. The Central Examination Board will conduct the national level examination and will be in charge of certification.

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